Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to list your server, you must first sign-in and configure your server details by clicking on List a Server.

You can increase your chances of gaining more members by bumping your server often. Your server members can do this by typing /bump. Bump enough times and you can receive a Super Bump!

You can check out premium here. Purchasing premium will allow Bumpy to improve and reach many more communities. Thank you for your support!

You can contact support via our discord server. Simply join the discord and go to the support channel. Or email us directly with your inquiry here.

You can apply for a partnership with Bumpy by contacting us either via email or DM TheBilly#7879 on our discord.

You can unlock more banners with credits or by purchasing premium.

You can use credits to purchase cosmetic items like borders, banners, etc. by visiting your server settings and then clicking on the "Cosmetics" tab.

Webhooks are used to establish a connection between your service and Bumpy. You can use webhooks to send specific data in order to enhance your servers experience.

Servers gain credits by bumping. Servers that have an active Super Bump will receive 1.5x more credits. Premium servers will also receive an additional 500 credits each month.

A Super Bump is a special bump that a server can receive after a percentage of their server population consistently bumps throughout the day. When a server receives a Super Bump, their bump meter gets a cool animation for all to see, while the server gains a few other additional perks as well! You can see how close your server is to receiving a Super Bump by visiting your server's details page!

Super Streak:
This category showcases servers that have maintained a 100% super bump status for 24 hours or longer, indicating their popularity and engagement within the community.

Upcoming Servers Today:
Newly listed servers are displayed in this category, providing a platform for these servers to gain visibility and attract potential users.

Super Bumped Servers:
This category features servers that have just reached 100% super bump status, indicating their increasing popularity and active user base.

Top Review Servers:
The servers in this category have received the most positive reviews, reflecting the satisfaction and enjoyment of their users.

Latest Bump Servers:
This category showcases servers that have been recently bumped, indicating their current activity and potential for new users to join.

Most Unique Views:
The servers in this category have received the most unique views, indicating their potential popularity and appeal among users.

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